are green, no matter the colour

In the latest issue of VikingNews, you can read an article from Claes Johansson, one of the dairy farmers in the Viking area. He explains about the benefits of having genetics from Viking in his cows when he is going organic. That is just another evidence of the advantages you get when selecting for health.

Choosing the green cows means that you can improve the health of your herd regarding mastitis resistance, metabolic disorders, reproductive disorders as well as hoof health. All in one, the selection for health gives you cows with less need to see the vet, fewer treatments, less medicine, and first and foremost less production loss and problems.

Those are key success factors no matter if you are organic or not. It is not just talk – the mastitis frequency is going down, and that is just what you can expect from the remarkable genetic improvement for those traits.

If you look at a bull like VR Umbro, he breeds excellent udder health – his daughters have less than 5% mastitis frequency! The average for the VikingRed breed is 8,3% - what is the average in your herd? There is significant money to be saved – data from the United Kingdom show that the cost for clinical mastitis is about € 300 / case. In line with the breeding goal of VikingGenetics where a profitable cow is easy to manage, the colour of the VikingGenetics breeds is green – no matter the coat colour.

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