VH RIVER is new top bull

At the latest index run published on 7 February, it is clear that VH River tops the NTM list and even with impressive +41. Overall, there is a high degree of stability of the indexes with the most obvious news being among the daughter proven bulls.

Genomic bulls
In the top of index lists, there is a large and good variation in the pedigree. A natural consequence of only entering few sons per bull. VH River (MGS VH Osmus) sired by Reflector (Mogul) is in top with NTM +41. He is from Morten Hansen, Denmark, and this same VH Osmus cow also gave the bulls VH Rozwell (Reflector) with NTM +37 and VH Sixtus (VH Sparky) with NTM +28 – an extraordinary effort.
          The sons of Rodgers (Lithium) also range well with VH Romello being the best with NTM +39. He is from a VH Miracle x VH Bismark cow from I/S Ronhave, Denmark. With NTM +36. We find the second best Rodgers son VH Raffi born in the herd of Smaakjaergaard, Denmark, by a VH Grafit x Rakuuna cow. This cow is also the dam of VH Gofeet (Gras) and VH Benzema (Balisto).
 Also in the top of the list, is VH Blush son VH Bradoc with +39 coming from Jesper Thomsen, Den-mark, by a VH Bynke x D Rødding cow, and VH Balzac (VH Beta) with +36 from Steen Baekgaard, Denmark, by a VH Bento x S Ross cow.
          For a period of time, the Balisto sons have dominated a lot and therefore it is a pleasure to see that even now with his indexes based on 233 milking daughters and 102 in classification that he has NTM +33. VH Brixton is still the best of his sons with NTM +37. He is bred in the herd of Flemming Petersen, Denmark, by a strong VH Mandel cow.

Daughter proven bulls 
Among the daughter proven bulls we find a new number one this time. This is the Beacon son VH Booth (NTM +31). He is originally from an embryo that VikingGenetics bought in Holland. Now he has more than 700 daughters in production and more than 200 daughters have been classified.
           VH Jaybee is an interesting new bull in the top of the list with NTM +30. He is from Svend Sorensen in Haderup, and is a D Jul son on Rakunna x V Excess. Another D Jul son is VH Justus from Anneli and Jukka Ettunen, Finland, from a Rakuuna cow. VH Justus has NTM +26.
           The Bookem sons also start entering the lists with the probably most known VH Boogie with NTM +21. However, their indexes are still with low reliability.
          We cannot mention daughter proven bulls from VikingGenetics without highlighting the world’s best daughter proven bull when it comes to hoof health – VH Clark with NTM +26 and hoof health index 130.

So all in all a very good index run setting the basis for genetic progress in your herd.

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