VJ QUINTANA climbed to the top

Jersey top bull VJ Quintana is named after the Colombian bike rider and mountain specialist Nairo Quintana. With VJ Quintana VikingGenetics also has a Quintana that made it to the top and winning the race! +27 NTM and a fantastic breeding profile.

In general, the genomic bulls did very well at the February proof run. Many new pedigrees are now available on the active sires list.

Genomic bulls
There is a good balanced pedigree distribution among the bulls topping the hit list. The VJ Rodme son VJ Quintana is absolute a top bull and he will be very popular, due to the positive breeding values ​​for all traits. Rare to see this great a graph of conformation traits. Palle Bjerggaard Hansen, Denmark, breed VJ Quintana.

Other outstanding new bulls on the hit list are VJ Willem (Hjort x Jason), VJ James (Jern x Zolt) and VJ Messi (Leonel x Hjern), with +24, +22 and +19 NTM. These bulls are expected to be marketed later this week.

In general, VJ Hjort sons are the most successful right now. His sons have inherited the high Y-index from their father, along with positive breeding values for body, udder, udder health and fertility.
Besides VJ Willem we also have the VJ Hjort sons VJ Dau, VJ Klov (will be sire of sons later) and VJ Hjorri. The two VJ Hian sons VJ Hitman (MGS DJ Jason) and VJ Haun (MGS VJ Tester) still rank very high, now with +24 and +22 in NTM respectively. Fertility, protein percentages and good udder is the hallmark of both of them.

Daughter proven bulls
In the lead of the daughter proven bulls we have DJ Hulk sons VJ Horn (MGS Q Impuls), VJ Hockey (MGS DJ Lirsk) and VJ Horst (MGS DJ Lirsk), with +22, +20 and +20 NTM.
DJ Hulk himself is also still at a very high NTM with +20. DJ Hulk sons will be extremely valuable at export markets where daughter proven bulls are in high demand.

Among the bulls having their first daughter proofs with good results, we have VJ Tudvad (VJ Tester x VJ Zirka) with NTM +21, VJ Lappe (VJ Lure x VDJ May) with NTM +17 and VJ Lilk (DJ Lix X DJ Hulk ) with NTM +16. All three bulls will complement DJ Hulk sons well, where daughter proven bulls are prioritized.

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