"GENETICS FROM VIKINGequal cows with long life expectancy"

The Danish farm Gaardsted Hojgaard I/S has 600 Holstein cows in their herd, and in 2016 they had nine (9!) cows with 100,000 kg milk in lifetime production. All the cows were daughters by Viking bulls.

All dairy farmers prefer cows with high production and long life. In the farm of Leif Jensen and his sons Jens and Martin they celebrated nine cows with production more than 100,000 kg milk during 2016. In this herd they found the recipe for cows with long life expectancy:

“It is a combination of several factors. We have focused on a good environment for the cows, but the genetics of course also play a role. We use Viking bulls and stick 100% to the mating plan that our breeding advisor makes” Leif Jensen says.
Since 1973 where he took over the farm from this father, Leif Jensen has had app. 35 cows with a lifetime production of more than 100,000 kg milk. The herd has expanded from 25 to almost 600 cows milked in nine robots, and the yield is high – 13,000 kg ECM. A generational change has been planned for a long time, and Jens and Martin took over the farm in the beginning of 2017.
Cooperation with Viking
At the farm Gaardsted Hojgaard I/S they breed for NTM since they see high correlation between a high NTM index and cows with good production economy and longevity. Jens takes care of most inseminations, but once a week the VikingDenmark AI Technician stops by to follow up on the pre insemination check and pregnancy testing. This makes a huge difference:
“We have constructive cooperation with the VikingDenmark AI Technician, and the weekly follow-up helps us make sure that we are on the right track with the reproduction”, Leif Jensen explains.

Gaardsted Hojgaard I/S facts:
  • Milk producer close to Løgstør in Denmark
  • Owned by Jens and Martin Jensen – recently taken over by their father, Leif Jensen
  • Jens is primarily responsible for the barn, and Martin for the field work 
  • 600 Holstein cows
  • Production: 13,000 kg ECM
  • 600 ha and ten employees

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