A perfect international exchange - VH Karlo

Kooper x Saleen x Altaiota 
gNTM +28

International exchange of genetics is nothing new - especially in the Holstein breed, but you seldomly find something as good as this bull - VH Karlo.
He is a bull born in Germany – a Kooper son (Mixer) from a Saleen dam (Domain). None of these sires or grand sires are found in any other bulls from VikingGenetics. The Saleen dam is an embryo from DE-SU 788 (Altaiota) in US and her dam – Montana Planet is from Sully Shottle May, who is the dam of the well-known Bookem son McCutchen.
VH Karlo is a really good production bull with 124 in production index and 122 in protein index. Despite of the high production, he is able to get 109 in udder health and is better than average in all health traits. The female fertility is average – a natural thing with such a high production. Calving traits are good - especially the maternal calving at 109. Mammary are really good attached with a good ligament and perfect teat placement.  

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