There is a huge amount of reliable data behind our Hoof Health index in NTM. The Hoof Health index is calculated based on hoof health records made by hoof trimmers in the first three lactations. In the Nordic countries, the registrations for hoof health have been collected since 2003 – almost 15 years of experience in breeding for improving hoof health.

The challenge with health is that registrations are difficult to measure objectively like milk yield or conformation. Therefore, much effort has been put in relation to standardizing the definition and recording of diseases. In relation to hoof health, a common description of diseases is available in a “Nordic Hoof Atlas” and further veterinarians, hoof trimmers and farmers have been educated.

Electronic hoof trimmer data are the newest source of disease data. The Nordic countries have developed and implemented an efficient online registration system. It has been positively received by farmers, hoof trimmers and advisors leading to a high registration level.
The sub-trait ‘Feet & Leg problems’ under the General health trait is calculated from data collected by the veterinarians. All treatments on all diseases in feet and legs are included. 

This means that our bulls have a full declaration on hoof health!

Unique and complete cattle database

· Each cow has a unique ID from birth to slaughter
· All data in ONE database
· Strict veterinary rules - all veterinary treatments are registered
· More than 90% of herds participate in herd and health data recording – 900,000 cows

Registrations in the Nordic countries are the cornerstone in herd management.
At the same time, they are a unique base for estimation of breeding values.