What's in it for me?

You may wonder, how much reduction in hoof diseases you can expect from selecting a sire with a breeding value (EBV) 110 or 120 for Hoof Health? Here you can find the answer. 

A bull with a breeding value 100 equals population average for the breed. Based on phenotypic values for VikingHolstein % difference relative to breed population average or a bull with EBV 100 for 7 sub-traits in the Hoof Health index is calculated.  


 For the four hoof disorders - Sole ulcer, Verrucose dermatitis, Interdigital Hyperplasia, Cork screw claw, bull’s breeding value (EBV) of 110 means that his daughters have 30% less disease and 120 - 60% less disease relative to the bull with EBV 100. For the six hoof disorders – Digital dermatitis, Interdigital dermatitis, Heel horn erosion, Sole hemorrhage, Double sole, White line disease, a bull with EBV 110 will decrease disease by 8-12% and a bull with EBV 120 – by 16-24% relative to the bull with EBV 100. 
VH Clark – the star in hoof health

VH Clark, one of our proven Holstein bulls with NTM +26 has a hoof health index of 130 and for digital dermatitis specifically; he has 144 with reliability of breeding values – 98%. That means that VH Clark actually lowers the risk of getting the disease by 53% on his daughters. This is worth taking into consideration when selecting bulls to use in the herd.