No compromise on production and efficiency 

When breeding for improved hoof health you do not need to compromise on production and efficiency in your herd. Even though there is zero correlation between hoof health and production, there is no need to give up on improving your milk yield, as production is taken into consideration in NTM. 

Nordic bulls didn’t show a genetic decline in hoof health despite great progress for production index. By relying on NTM in your breeding goal, you can improve both hoof health and milk yield. In that way, you are taking advantage of the easy-care healthy genetics without compromising on production and efficiency. With NTM, you are always breeding for improved profit!

Genetic trend - Production index in NTM. Source: NAV 2016
Genetic trend - Hoof Health index in NTM. Source: NAV 2016
The weight on the hoof health trait for Red and Jersey is lower than for Holstein, as these two breeds do not have as many problems with hoof health. Therefore, the genetic trend for RDC and Jersey is more stable. 

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